Lucas – Chapter 9

The bedroom looked as expected. A huge bed with wrought iron partitions. Clearly, there needed to be options for tying up. Bedside tables on the sides, an armchair under the window. And another door, logically a bathroom. He left her standing in the space, sat in the chair himself. He leaned back, rested his left ankle on his right knee, found a slightly more comfortable position.

„Get naked,“ he urged her.
She hesitated for just a second and obeyed. He watched her without a word, but with growing enthusiasm. She left her pumps on and, already naked, confident in her beauty, stood confidently before him. He ignored her determinedly nasty stare and unashamedly surveyed her body. Exactly as he’d imagined it, if not more beautiful. He’d liked her since they’d first met, but she always knew how to thwart any excitement by her stupidity. He propped his head up and let her stand under his probing gaze for a moment longer.
„Lie down,“ he finally said, waving toward the bed. She obeyed in annoyance. She laid on her back, legs together, arms along her body. She looked up into the trail. He couldn’t help smiling and stood up. He walked over to the bed, reached for the nightstand. He opened the drawer and pulled out a rope. Lucy jerked when she saw it.
„After all, I do whatever you want!“ She exclaimed defensively.
„That’s good, keep doing it.“ He knelt on the bed beside her. „I like it, and it reduces your chances of a spanking.“ He winked at her and grabbed both her hands. She gritted her teeth so fiercely with anger that it was almost audible. It didn’t disturb him as he tied her hands against the bed above her head. He pressed a light kiss to her lips and stood up. Satisfied, he looked her over and went into the bathroom.

It didn’t take long for him to return. Dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. Lucy mentally assessed that she didn’t like it much better than if he’d come in naked, for some reason. But she couldn’t agree with herself anymore whether she thought Lucas looking sexy in a suit, jeans, and really anything was good or bad under the circumstances.
He interrupted her thoughts as he lay down next to her. On his side, leaning on his elbow. She took a nervous breath.
When he reached up to her face, she jerked away. He stopped the movement of his hand for a second, but immediately resumed stroking her. Her cheeks, her chin, her neck.
„I’m not a sadist,“ he sounded reassuring. „I don’t need to hit you. If you don’t give me a reason to punish you more than you deserve now, you can get through today perfectly calmly without pain.“
She chose to remain silent and ignore the butterflies fluttering in her stomach. She turned her head away from him, her gaze fixed on the bathroom door. It didn’t faze him. He ran a warm, gentle hand lightly over her breasts to her stomach. Hips, thighs, and slowly back. He leaned closer and kissed her neck. She held her breath.
„Give me a kiss,“ he said.
She turned to him, quickly placed her lips on his and pulled away. Before she could turn her head, however, he shoved his hand into her hair and gripped hard. She stiffened.
„I’m sure you can do better than that.“

His voice sounded gentle, but he didn’t even try to hide the threat in the undertone. Reluctantly, she reached back. This time she stuck her tongue in his mouth. He didn’t disturb her with his tongue, only joining in after a moment of her struggling. When he let go of her hair, however, she immediately pulled away and laid her head back on the pillow. He left it at that. He ran his nails over her belly, then her breasts. He propped her head up and continued to stroke her with his free hand. Gently, harder, long. Her tightly pursed lips left no doubt that she was determined not to cooperate. But he hadn’t even expected that. He himself was curious to see how long it would take her to relent. She likes him, of that he was sure. And in that case, the physical stimulation just wouldn’t let go – whether she wanted it or not, it would arouse her. The only question was for how long. She resisted stubbornly, though, but not for a quarter of an hour. Her calm breathing began to slowly quicken. Claiming her nipples gave him her first muffled gasp. Apparently she was surprised, or annoyed, herself, for immediately afterwards she held her breath and pressed her lips together forcefully again. He smiled and continued. When she finally stopped trying to mask her increasingly labored breathing, he ran his hand between her legs. She jerked again and tried to move away. To no avail. He held her pelvis and the rope on her arms didn’t let go. She frowned:
„Why?“ He asked matter-of-factly, but he didn’t stop teasing her. Instead of answering, she groaned, closed her eyes, and tilted her head.
„I don’t like it,“ she replied hoarsely as she caught her breath.

He didn’t wait for an answer, just stuck his tongue in her mouth. She only tried to resist for a moment. Only when she calmed down did he soften his thrusts and then let her go.
„For someone who don’t like,“ he whispered against her neck between kisses, „you’re pretty ready.“

She was aware of the wetness in her crotch. She was ceasing to be sure who she was angrier at – him or herself. He stopped stroking her and watched contentedly for a moment. When she opened her eyes and gave him a questioning look, he reached over to the rope and released it with one hand.
„Aren’t you hungry?“ He asked suddenly, and by the time she blinked a few times in incomprehension, he was standing beside the bed as well, handing her his shirt.
„Um,“ she cleared her throat in confusion and sat on the edge of the bed. „Not really, more like thirsty.“
She took the shirt from him, put it on, and grabbed the first button.
„Don’t button it,“ Lucas said, opening the door. She obeyed and stood up.

They walked down to the kitchen, Lucas grabbing both glasses from the cabinet on the way and pouring them on the counter. He took a sip, set his glass down, and waved for Lucy to come closer. When she did, he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her out to sit on the counter. He didn’t comment as she wrapped her shirt around herself. He handed her a bottle of mineral water and opened the fridge. He took something out of it and as he set the food down, he noticed that Lucy’s glass was already empty. He raised an eyebrow, but without a word he took the bottle and refilled it. He didn’t even have time to close it before Lucia had turned the entire volume of the glass inside her. He hesitated and closed the bottle with a smile. He walked over to Lucy, spread her legs and stood among them.
„If you think,“ he rested his palms on the line and pressed a kiss to her lips, „that I’m going to let you get drunk, put that out of your mind too. You’re going to enjoy every single conscious minute of tonight to the hilt.“

He waited for her disappointed and angry expression, gave her one more kiss and went to collect the bread. He began to prepare the sandwiches, checking Lucy’s face now and then. She stared silently at the ground for a while, bit her lip thoughtfully for a while, occasionally taking a sip of her mineral water. He pressed the prepared sandwiches into the grill and moved close to her.
„Spread your legs,“ he snapped her out of her reverie.
She gave him a brief look, pulled her shirt closer to her body, and did as he asked. First, he opened her shirt wide and, at her disgruntled murmur, placed his fingers in the most intimate spot. At that moment she grabbed his wrist with both hands. He didn’t move, just looked hard into her eyes and squinted warningly. She hesitated awkwardly.
„I don’t think,“ she began, “ that it goes without saying that I will obey you.“
„It’s up to you how it will go. You can decide to behave sensibly, you’ll obey, and you’ll put those hands down nicely. Or you can play the hero, refuse to obey, in which case I’ll just tie you up and spank on your ass. Either way, everything will happen exactly the way I want it to. Only it’ll probably be pretty uncomfortable for you.“
She glared at him.
„And as a bonus, bruised wrists,“ she muttered.
„E-e,“ he shook his head.
„I’m tying them so you won’t have a chance to rub them,“ he grinned. „Because that would be evidence.“
She glared at him hatefully. After a moment, she exhaled defeatedly, loosening her grip and finally folding her hands on the line.
„Good girl,“ he whispered, and began to stroke her gently.

She gritted her teeth and turned her head away. She managed not to look interested until the grill beeped. Without a word, Lucas immediately moved over to it and removed the toast to their plates. While he was doing that, Lucy tucked her shirt back in. He noticed this and said warningly to the grill:
„Do that again and I’ll take it off for you.“ Lucy scowled in displeasure and silently lowered her gaze. Lucas didn’t comment further, just handed her one of the plates:
„I’ll pour you another glass if you eat this.“
She hesitated only for a moment. She was already holding the plate in her hands when he added, „You didn’t have breakfast.“
„How would you know that?“ She asked doubtfully.
„You drink one coffee in the morning,“ he replied, taking his toast in his hands. „If you can, at breakfast. Today you drank coffee in the office.“ He took a bite. Lucia didn’t hide her surprise:
„I didn’t know you noticed me like that.“
„I notice a lot of things.“
„Like what?“ She started to eat as well.
„What do I know. For instance, I always knew you drived by car. I just figured someone was giving you a ride.“ With food in her mouth, she just made a hand gesture for him to continue.
„Those sexy shoes of yours. No matter how it was outside, you always had them clean. A little damp at most, adequate for the melted snow after a few steps from the car into the building. And you sewed the logos off your designer clothes.“

She ran, so she coughed for a while.
„Darling, I dress in the same stores as you. I know exactly what the original Prada or Burberry looks like and what the fake looks like. And you walk around in the originals. I just didn’t understand until recently why you were sewing those little flags and flip flops off.“
She preferred not to ask more. She finished watching him silently. He noticed her watching him, but she was quiet, so was he. She handed him an empty plate and thanked him. He shoved it in the sink with his own and topped off her whiskey. This time she didn’t turn it all in.

…to be continued

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