Lucas – Chapter 4

„Please,“ her voice skipped. „I just wanted to help you. Don’t punish me for this.“
„Lucy,“ his voice softened beyond compare.
„I don’t want to punish you! You saved my head and I owe you a thank you for that! And you will get it, such as is due you. It’s just that I don’t understand anything right now. I feel like a complete idiot, and I don’t like this feeling. Just explain it to me and we’ll move on, huh?“ He sounded friendly, convincing.
„Well, I guess we won’t,“ she shook her head.
„Can’t you thank me by not asking?“
She looked at him pleadingly.
„Well, I can’t do that.“
„Let’s pretend like today didn’t happen. Please,“ she urged.
He was silent for a few seconds.
„Lucy, I really don’t want anything bad for you. Or hurt you in any way. But…,“ he searched for words. „It would be better if you cooperated. I’ll get what I want from you. But if it’s forced, it won’t be anything pleasant… Be reasonable.“
„Can’t we leave it for another time? It’s many hours, I’m really in a hurry.“

He looked disappointed. Slowly, reluctantly, he stood up. She watched him without moving until he stood just in front of her. Still staring into her eyes, he began to loosen his tie:
„I can’t get rid of the feeling that once I understand what’s going on here, I’ll find you’ve been having a good time on me for a long time.“
„That’s not it!“ She exclaimed.
„Then how is it?!“
He folded his arms at his sides and waited. He watched as she gasped and opened her mouth. And then she closed them and lowered her face to the ground. He pulled his already untied tie from around his neck, walked around her chair and stood behind her. He grabbed both her wrists and pulled them behind the back. She hesitated, wondering what was going on, until she realized he had tied her hands behind her back in a quick motion.
„What are you doing!“ She exclaimed, instinctively pulling away from the backrest. Instead of answering, he yanked her hands back and tied her already immobile wrists still against the chair. Her heart raced even more madly than before. He finished his work, reached out, walked around her back, and sat back in his chair. He gave her an emotionless, almost angry look:
„So. And we have plenty of time. Try to think if there’s anything you want to tell me after all.“

He drilled her with his gaze and waited. She took a breath and ran her gaze absently from him to the things around her and back again. She threw a glance at her watch as well and sighed in despair. Half to six.
„Where are you supposed to be at six?“ He asked matter-of-factly.
„I have an important meeting. In Dubravka.“
„You have no chance of getting there in half an hour.“
„Yes, I do,“ she objected.
He smiled mischievously:
„I don’t think so.“
„Let me go,“ she urged him, herself aware of the comicality of her behaviour.
„Why?“ He asked as seriously as if he were actually considering the request. She didn’t answer.
„What do I gain by it?“ He continued. „Answers?“

She didn’t want to nod and was afraid to refuse. She wasn’t sure where the situation where her boss HAD tied her hands with a tie was going. He, in turn, suspected they were reaching an impasse – so far, he’d scared her, but not broken her. He was also aware of his currently unique bargaining position and didn’t want to take advantage of it:
„Lucy, if I let you go now, will you promise me that tomorrow we’ll pick up where we left off today?“
„Yes,“ she immediately agreed.
„You’ll come here, say, at four o’clock. You’ll sit where you are now and you won’t resist tying your hands.“
Her sharp gasp brought a smug smile from him. He waited until she nodded through gritted teeth. He hesitated, how far he could take her now:
„And will you answer the questions?“
Her frightened look turned determined in a second. He realized he’d pushed too hard. She searched for words for a moment and then said:
„If it will be appropriate, yes.“

As much as he didn’t feel like backing down, he knew he couldn’t get out of the situation today. At least this way he was assured that she wouldn’t be put on sick leave or something like that starting tomorrow. So he walked over to her and released her hands. She immediately jumped to her feet, twisted to face him, and took a step back. Despite the fact that it was actually illogically in the middle of the room and thus further away from him, but also away from the door.
„I’ll see you tomorrow,“ he concluded. She gave him a nasty look and quickly walked out.
She disappeared as quickly as she could. She grabbed her purse, didn’t even put her jacket on, left her cigarettes on the table, and ran for the elevator. In the hallway, Peter still passed her:
„Lucy! Are you going away?“
Without answering, she smiled and walked on.
„Lucka, do you already have a boyfriend?“ He had no desire to end the debate.
„No,“ she replied in a strongly smiling tone.
„I was hoping to. Rich parents, then?“
The question took her by surprise:
„That didn’t work out either, unfortunately. Why?“
She paused and pressed the elevator button.
„Just wondering how you got to the car.“
‚Holy shit.‘
She cast a glance toward her office door to see if Lucas could hear this debate. Sure enough, he was standing straight in the doorway, grinning widely at her. She stepped into the elevator and thundered juicily.

…to be continued

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